The Chalk That Keeps Diseases Away

I recently came across an interesting video on YouTube. It was a part of Savlon Swasth India Mission campaign as a part of their CSR initiative. To say the least I found it mind blowing innovative. The crux of the video is that Savlon has introduced in a new chalk…

Simple Wishes Handsfree Pumping Bra Review

Simple Wishes Handsfree Pumping Bra Review

Simple Wishes is one of the best Handsfree pumping bra available in the market. The reason why it gets great reviews from moms everywhere is because of the flexibility and support it offers. It is a must have accessory for every working mom who uses a double pump like Medela…


How To Select A Good Double Stroller For Twins

When it comes to shopping, people tend to get carried away by brands, trends, looks, even prices! But when buying double strollers for your twins, it’s important to think about what’s practical and best for your family. The best buy is the one that suits you the most. We suggest…


The Ultimate Dietary Recommendation For Breastfeeding Moms

One thing that worries almost every breastfeeding mom is whether her little one gets enough milk. A close second is what should I eat to ensure my baby gets optimum nutrition? Yes, an exclusive breastfed baby receives all her nutrition from her mother’s milk. But fortunately, a fairly well balanced…

breast milk storage tips

20+ Breast Milk Storage Tips Every Mom MUST Know

We had in an earlier post discussed about tips to efficiently express milk using a breast pump. But equally or even more important is the storing breastmilk for your baby’s consumption. Careless handling and storage of breastmilk could result in loss of nutrients, spoilage and in the worst case your…

medela pump in style advanced review


Medela offers a wide range of breast pumps and I had the good fortune of reviewing Medela Pump In Style Advanced. I really loved the pump for its efficiency, portability and comfort. Over all, I am really happy with this pump. I would definitely [amazon text=recommend it for working moms&asin=B0011E5LXK]…

breast feeding tips

30 Breast Pumping Tips For Working Moms

It can be frustrating to pump for 30-45 minutes only to express an ounce of milk. You start to doubt if your milk has dried up and even think of resorting to formula. But more than often, it is not lack of supply, but incorrect pumping that is the culprit. So,…

initial problems breastfeeding

Initial Problems You Might Face While Breastfeeding

Pedeatrician and lactation expert Asha Sahdev gives her expert opinion on the initial problems that a new mom might face while breastfeeding. The initial moments after childbirth has great importance in the breastfeeding relation that is to ensue. If you have a normal delivery without much of any  complications, the baby…

dietary recommendation breastfeeding moms

Breastfeeding Preparation During Pregnancy

Most new moms think that breastfeeding comes naturally to moms and newborns. Yes, there are some moms and newborns who nurse like pros right from the beginning. But more than often, it doesn’t happen. In fact, as per survey conducted by the Pediatrics Journal, two-third of new moms face trouble breastfeeding. So…



A breast pump is often one of the first things you buy for your baby as a new mom. With a number of options from numerous brands confusing you, it is rather a difficult purchase decision too. If you are completely clueless, this article on the best electric breast pumps…

Best Leak Proof Kids Lunch Box That Are Inexpensive Too

Well, my search for the ideal lunchbox started years back when I was a school student. My mom still says that I used to spend most of the time on my ‘back to school’ shopping searching for the right lunch box. I wanted it to be compact enough so that…

review mastela baby bather

Review On Mastela Mother’s Touch Baby Bather

Bathing my newborn baby was one of my biggest concerns as a new mother. I used to watch how my mother bathed my son placing him on her legs and gently pour warm water over him. But I was sure that I wouldn’t be able to bathe him that way….

gently sleep trained toddler

How I Semi-Gently Sleep Trained My Toddler In 4 Days

Why semi-gently? Well, its because my son did cry in this process. But I did not leave him and let him cry and soothe on his own. Rather, I was with him throughout. I soothed him and did everything I could to console him. Hence, I used the term ‘semi-gently’….



Are you thinking of buying Medela Harmony Breast Pump? If so, this review will be helpful for you to understand the features, application, pros and cons and general complaints about the product. After reading this, we believe you will be able to form a fairly good idea if this product…

Budget Friendly Nursing Feeding Night Wear

10 Budget Friendly Nursing (Feeding) Night Wear

You can find a number of nursing tops online. But when it comes to night time nursing wears, options are rather minimum. That could be the reason why most moms just add a zipper to their regular clothes and use it as nursing wear at home. But often while adding…

sleep advices that moms hear

Tips to Sleep Train Your Baby Without Losing Your Mind

Babies are all about habits. If your baby is a bad sleeper, it is probably because of some habits he developed early on. Here are a few tips on sleep training your baby from early on so that you as a parent can get maximum sleep. By sleep training, I do…

electric breast pump

Top Four Electric Breast Pumps

Once you decide to get a breast pump, the biggest question you ponder over is whether to buy a manual or an electric breast pump. Let’s try to sort it out first. It is sensible to buy an electric breast pump if- You have to resume work by the time…

Best Steam Sterilisers For Baby Bottles

Baby Care: 5 Best Steam Sterilisers For Baby Bottles

Unsterilized bottles can be breeding ground for bacteria resulting in frequent stomach infection, diarrhea and vomiting in babies. Once the baby develops an infection from having a food, he develops an aversion to that particular food, and you will have to find a new formula brand that the baby might like. Not an easy task mommies!

Moreover, if you are a working mom who is always in a hurry and if you depend heavily on bottles for feeding your little one, investing in a steam sterilizer is the best bet for your little one’s health and safety. Steam sterilizers kill 99.9% germs.

Inspiring Kids Rooms
tots and moms

Inspiring Moms: The Mom Behind Tots And Moms

Inspiring Moms is a new column started at Mad Over Baby. Here we have a candid discussion with mompreneurs who fought all odds and established a blossoming business on their own. We start with Kavitha Prashanth, the woman behind Tots and Moms. She was once a worried mom of a…

moms need google glass

6 Reasons Why Every Mom Needs A Google Glass

Google glass had caught everyone’s imagination when it was launched. But it failed to take off as expected because of umpteen reasons like security, privacy etc. Well, I am not a product-marketing expert, but I think they targeted the wrong group. They should have tried selling it to moms because…

Breastfeeding Lying Down

7 Reasons Why Breastfeeding Lying Down Is A Saviour

The vital turning point in my breastfeeding memoirs is learning to breastfeed lying down. What was till then a pain in the butt turned out to be moments of rest and relaxation once I mastered this technique. Though many are likely to advise against breastfeeding lying down, because baby would apparently get addicted to breasts this…

Silly Things I worried About In My First Year As A Mother
new mom depression

An Open Letter To Every New Mom

Hello New Mom, You now have in your hands a sweet burrito that can invoke in you various emotions in span of few seconds. You may not necessarily be in love with him now, but that doesn’t mean you never will. He will drive you crazy with his non-stop crying….


10 Funny Memes That Troll Indian Parents

Indian parents are sweet, adorable and a bit crazy too. Whether its education or marriage, they always wants their kids to be happy and safe. They could get on your nerves at times with their frequent calls to enquire your well being, with their engineering or medicine or nothing else…


10 Ways Husbands Are Similar To Toddlers

Haven’t you felt often that your husband is just like your toddler. Though grown up, husbands at times act as if he is younger than your toddler. They whine, they make a fuss and make a mess. Here are 10 ways husbands are similar to toddlers- [the_ad id=”1184″] 10 Ways…

Stem Cell Banking: Is it A Waste Of Money?

Stem cell banking is the process of long term storing umbilical cord blood which is rich in stem cell. The main purpose of storing stem cell is so that if in case the person whose stem cell is being stored gets any grave blood or immune related  related illness, this…

Umbilical Cord Blood: What and Why?

What is Umbilical Cord Blood? We all know that when pregnant, baby gets all its nutrients through placenta, which is attached to the baby through umbilical cord. The blood that remains in the placental and the umbilical cord after child birth is the umbilical cord blood. This blood is rich…

Toddler Dies As Parents Treat Meningitis With Home Remedies

In a tragic incident in Alberta, Canada, 19 month old boy died of meningitis because his parents who did not believe in ‘ medical system’ gave him home remedies instead of taking him to a hospital. Meningitis has 90% survival rate if detected in time. But here detection was done…

food harmful to kids

5 Worst Foods To Feed Your Kids

Often out of ignorance, the food which we assume to be healthy are not quite so. This is especially a case with the snacks that we give to children. Packed products that are available in the market often contains harmful ingredients. Usually we do not bother to check the ingredient list…

5 reasons Why I will Not Do My Child’s Homework

My seven year old son often laments to me about how his classmates’ charts and craft works looks so picture perfect while his looks shabby like, well, like it’s been done by a seven year old. I try convincing him that homework are children and not for moms. Of course…

stay-at-home mom

Is It Possible To Be Just A Stay-At-Home Mom?

Is it possible to be just a stay-at-home mom? This is a question that I truly ponder. I was a person who worked till the day before I delivered my baby. I led an active social life and travelled frequently. When I came to know that I was pregnant, I…

birth story

My Birth Story: Looking back, I find it hilarious

My Birth Story: I am born It’s 00.00 am. Oh.. It’s time for me to get out… It’s freaking dark in here. Mom.. Help me out… And so she does.. Contractions start.. There is a show and mom is kinda freaked out.. After all this is kinda the culmination of the…


10 Foolproof Tips To Introduce Solids To Your Baby

Introducing solids to babies is always an exciting phase of parenting. You are eager to see how your little one would respond to food, and partly because breastfeeding 24×7 for the past 6 months has exhausted you and partly because you still think your baby might start sleep better once…

miss being pregnant

6 Reasons Why I Miss Being Pregnant

Pregnancy was the calm before the storm. It was really a time to pamper yourself. Though there were quite some physical discomforts, there has been a number of unfair advantages that you have had while you were pregnant, which makes you miss the whole experience, namely- Constant attention We women…

5 Realistic Newborn Caring Tips From Experience

Are you a first time mom? Did you just shell out some bucks for parenting books and think you have got it all figured out? If so, sorry to break it you, those books are not going to make parenting a merry sail for you. Parenting is something that you…

Budget Friendly Nursing Feeding Night Wear

Wow!!! A Mom’s Post On How Breastmilk Changes Is Going Viral!

We all know the immense benefits of breastfeeding. But seeing it visibly in front of your eyes is just awesome. Mallory Smothers posted a picture of how her breastmilk changes in composition when her child fell sick. In sync with the baby, the milk changes its immunological composition to suit the…

Parenting Tweets

18 Hilarious Parenting Tweets

Me: I think we can relax. They can’t possibly tear the house apart in the 5 minutes before the guests arrive. My Kids: Challenge accepted — Lurk @ Home Mom (@LurkAtHomeMom) October 26, 2014 My 3yo “accidentally” unspooled the entire roll of toilet paper. But don’t worry, he “fixed” it….

sleep advices that moms hear

7 Bullsh*t Sleep Advices That Moms Hear

If anyone finds the magic potion to get a baby sleep through night, he will strike gold. Moms everywhere would be willing to spend their life time savings to get some uninterrupted sleep. Yes, we are that desperate to just get our little alarm clocks to stop ticking every two hours….

mommy wars
breastfeeding comics

14 Hilarious Comics That Depicts The Reality Of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is such a romanticised concept. The pamphlets you get at the gynaecologist’s office depicts breastfeeding as an amazing experience to bond and cuddle with the little one. You see mothers and babies so calm and peaceful that you think breastfeeding is filled with moments of love, tranquility and peace….


Moms, the worst is yet to come!!!

When I became a mom, I found taking care of a new born quite hard. But when my little one started rolling, I realised that the new born phase was in fact easy because now he was rolling across the room and demanding constant attention. When he started crawling, I…

Tips For Eating Out
friend pregnant
types of facebook moms

Which Type of Facebook Mom Are You?

Mom’s groups are creating a buzz in Facebook. In this present age of nuclear families, they provide much needed support to fellow Facebook moms. Though sometimes things can get ugly with too much of judgement and bickering, no one can underestimate the comradeship amongst the moms in these groups. If…

Are you confused about which brand of baby product to use?

We are all quite concerned, (it wouldn’t be wrong to say over-concerned) when it comes to our baby’s well-being. That is why we go through numerous reviews and ask opinion from many friends and relatives before we choose a brand of soap, oil, moisturiser, wipes and other such baby products…


9 Brilliant Options For Stay At Home Moms To Generate Income

Being a stay at home mom is an immensely satisfying experience in all respect except when it comes to financial independence. Always having to depend on your partner for your needs in fact affects our self esteem too. But if you look around, there are always ways to earn some…


13 Things Moms Should Stop Doing To Each Other

Moms should be supporting each other, especially in this world of nuclear families where support from family is a luxury rather than a norm. But when we look around, we fail to always see that. Sometimes, there is way too much bickering and judgement. When you take a look at…


Being A Parent- Have We Become Gross?

Once you become a parent, things that were once weird and gross no longer remains so. To a parent this whole list would be something that they do daily. It’s only when someone else points it out that it occurs to us how ridiculous it is and that we have…


Being a Mum Has Made Me Rename Body Parts

We now have the ‘Mummy Tummy’, a tummy which I can barely stand to look at some days. Don’t get me wrong I love that my mummy tummy grew the two little beings that I kiss and cuddle every night, but it’s empty now, clearly empty and it’s hanging. If you…


7 Sins Every Tired Mom Wants To Do

There are days in a mom’s life when you are tired, no you are beyond tired. when you look at the mirror all you see is a dysfunctional zombie( no, this time your husband is not standing behind) I know I will be judged, but let’s be honest, most of…

Break Pregnancy News To Your Husband

Are you using the right diaper for your baby?

I did not use diapers at night for my son till he was 3 months. The reason being that he would poop at least 3-4 times at night till he was 3 months and I did not want to risk a diaper rash. We used cloth nappy and even if…

Life Before And After Kid. Everyone Would Have Gone Through No. 3

What do you feel when you see those cute couples( without children obviously) holding hands and walking around carefree in streets and malls? A bit jealous? Don’t worry! You have company. Most of the couples with kids, including myself, feel that way when they see newly married child-free couples because…


Hilarious Comics on LIFE WITH A TODDLER that are too Honest

Toddlers are really amazing. In one instant, they are cute, fun filled people who  amuse and entertain us. But the next instant, they are monsters who simply wants to pull down the house. After all, hell hath no fury like an angry toddler. That is why life with a toddler is a…

prank newborn card

This New Born Greeting Card Is Pure EVIL.

This Baby Shower Greeting Card looks  as sweet as it can possibly be. Outside, its written, ” A Baby is God’s Sweetest Gift.” and has a picture of a sweet little baby sleeping blissfully. And on opening it, ” Wow, its a musical card.” And you switch on the button,…

Flight Attendant is A Saviour
baby shows off muscles
leash wikispaces.com

20 Ridiculous Baby Products

We all love to indulge in shopping for our babies. Those cute mittens, cuter outfits, all take us on cloud nine. Isn’t it? But other than the regular baby products, there are some baby products that are literally out of the world. The ones who made them would definitely be…

Parenting Tweets

14 Hilarious Parenting Tweets

There are instances in life when all you can do is just laugh. Parenting gives many such moments. Here are some amazing parents and bloggers who put up some true and hilarious tweets. Teach your kids to never give up and then see what happens when you take them to a toy…

Dangers Of Button Battery

Breastfeeding Stages: From The Drunkard to The Obsessed

Breastfeeding is an amazing time to  bond with your baby. But have you observed how the style, duration and frequency of your baby’s feeding changes over time? Maybe you will observe a pattern like this-   The Drunkard 0-4 months On retrospective, it is the easiest stage of parenting. Just…


8 Things Every Mummy Blogger Can Relate To

More and more stay at home moms are turning to blogging. It is either as a journal to account the day to day activities of your life with the baby or as a hobby or to turn it in to a full time profession, when the time is ripe. After…

overprotective parents

Craziest Stories about Overprotective Parents

We parents always want only the best to happen to our kids. We can’t stand even the thought of them getting hurt. That precisely is the reason why sometimes we cross the line from being a concerned parent and end up being a helicopter parent- a parent who is excessively…

Messy Weekend With Baby And The Hungover Husband

Last Saturday, we had a few guests at our home who were not parents yet. My one year old son was quite happy seeing the guests, but more so with the gifts he received. Being the perfect hosts, we entertained everyone and had a great time till about 3 a.m,…


Epic Baby Photography Gone Wrong

Every parent loves to take pictures of their babies. We just want to capture their each and every moment. I am sure almost every parent’s mobile galleries would be filled with pictures of their babies. And taking it a little forward, parents seek professionals to take candid baby pictures. In…


15 Hilarious Parenting Memes

Parenting requires a great deal of patience and a greater deal of sense of humour. If you take it too seriously and analyse each and every situation to minute details thinking about the ways the child’s behaviour could impact his future character, you are bound to go crazy. So, take…

Save Money While Online Shopping For Family

6 Ways To Save Money While Online Shopping For Family

E commerce sector in India  is quite booming. Every giant is trying to get the biggest share of customers. With investors pumping in money, every player is offering hefty discounts to allure the customers. Now is a good time to buy online and save some money. Here are a few…

credit cards

A Parent Child Converation on Credit Cards

Dad, who was on the phone? ” “It’s that call again from a sales agent offering a credit card.” “And you just blew him off right away. Didn’t you!!! Oh, you are so rude!!!” “I already have 2 cards and I told that to him. But still he keeps pestering. So what…

Stay At Home Mom's Husband

Typical Weekend Of A Stay At Home Mom’s Husband

Every mom writes her version of how she takes care of her family. But quite a few dads write about their roles and how a weekend turns out for them. You see, we don’t like to brag. But, Now, I think, we dads too should get out there and pour…

Mom's new year resolution

A Hopefully Resolute Mom’s New Year Resolution

Dear Diary, This is again that time of the year to make my new ( ahem..) resolutions for the grand new year. Though I couldn’t keep my last year resolutions beyond the first two days, this new year will not be like last. I swear. I am fiercely determined to…

14things thetrade-world
Dying Mother's Heartfelt Letter

A Dying Mother’s Heartfelt Letter Is Going Viral

A dying mother’s heartfelt letter touches a nerve with every parent across the globe. Heather McManamy, a 36 year old mother who passed away due to metastatic cancer left a heartfelt, humorous, touching letter full of life and vigour for everyone she knew. We may not know her personally, but from…


Is motherhood the end?

Once you become a mother, your identity revolves around it. I mean, if you are working, you are called a working mother, if you are an entrepreneur, you are called a mompreneur, if you do not work, you are called a stay at home mother, and if you are a…


8 Consolations For Sleep Deprived Moms

“When will my baby start sleeping through night” is one of the most googled questions by new parents. ” This doesn’t come as a surprise considering the endless number of nights moms go sleep deprived. Like most new mothers, I too have read a lot about baby sleep. I learnt…

5 Reasons Why moms make excellent entrepreneurs

Moms are not ordinary human beings. They are super humans. What else do we call this creed of women who juggles with panache the responsibilities of being a daughter, a wife, a mother, a home maker and sometimes even a corporate honcho. A woman who dons these roles can definitely…

sane stay at home mom

How to be A Stay At Home Mom Without Going Crazy

I love my kid to no limit. It’s the same with all mothers. But being a stay-at-home mother, there are times when things go a bit out of control and everything around me drives me to the point of being crazy. I tend to get moody and grumpy and this…


How to Get Your Babies to Play on Their Own

I have the ideal baby. He plays on his own while I carry on with my work. When he is hungry, he comes to me and I feed him and he eats his food obediently and then he carries on to play with his toys. Same way, when he is…


Mom, another vistor… Which type is she?

So, you are discharged from the hospital and bring your tiny bundle of love home and starts thinking of spending some quality time alone with your family. But little did you know that it is not just you, but a long list of your friends and family too who are…

'This might be a good time to discuss a few grievances.'

Did You Have These Parental Disorders?

Parenting is a roller coaster ride, as everyone says. But once this ride starts, you start developing many disorders, mainly phobias and manias. Don’t worry. It’s not that uncommon. In fact, it is found in most new parents. Here are 7 such manias and phobias of every new parent. Of course,…

pregnant not fond of kids


When that two pink lines appeared on the pregnancy detection stick, I was horrified. I became pregnant at a point when I was not even close to being ready to become a mother. It was a rude shock. What scared me the most was that I was not great with…

parenting advice

9 Irritating Things That A New Mom Hears

What is the worst thing about being a mother? Its not the fact that you feel like a a sleepless zombie or a cow after a while or that your kid turns to a screaming-meemie  the second he is in a crowd. But, rather, it is that once you are…


Funny Fowl Language Comics on Parenting

Funny Fowl Language Comics Parenting requires a great deal of patience and a greater deal of sense of humour. How else can you really get through all the tortures, temper tantrums, bizarre demands and seemingly illogical requests that kids raise everyday. Of course, its easy to say. But its always…

motherhood comics

7 Evil Advantages of Breastfeeding

You have definitely read a million articles on advantages of breastfeeding on physical and emotional health of mother and child. You won’t read about all those in here. Here, I am writing about how you can take advantage of the fact that you are breastfeeding. After all, breast is the…

baby at daycare centre

The dilemma of putting a baby in daycare centre

I recently read a heart wrenching article by Amber Scorah, the mother of the 3 month old baby who passed away on his first day at the daycare centre. I can’t imagine the agony the mother would be going through. But at the same time, I salute her spirit in organising the…


16 Funny Quotes on Parenting

You know whats the advantage of being a celebrity parent? Your exhaustion and desperation translated in to words become quotes for the rest of parents to read and enjoy. This is exactly what has happened to the 16 parents who wrote these quotes. Too bad we are not famous. Or…

Baby Dies at Day Care
motherhood comics1

The Hilarious Motherhood Comics

I recently came across Motherhood Comics in Facebook. To say the least, the creator is pure genius. She aptly describes the life of a mother. From breastfeeding advices that she is flooded with everyday to temper tantrums to sibling rivalry, she covers all major events in the life of a…

make up baby

5 Things That Can be Done to keep a Baby’s Soft Skin Safe

We all love babies, especially when it’s our own.  And being a parent is a real roller coaster ride. As much as we love being a parent, we always doubt ourself. One thing that always linger at the back of every parent’s mind is whether we are taking proper care…

9 Things We Ought Not Do As Parents, But Still Do

Instill fear Making kids eat and making them behave well is a job is best done by police, ghost and cockroaches. Curse With hardly any sleep and a home full of kids running hither and thither, some words that we should not blurt do come out of our mouth. And…

Parenting a Toddler

17 Aha! Moments That Define Parenting a Toddler

 You know what is the golden rule of parenting? Take it by the day or take it by the moment, and do not think about anything long term for peace of mind. So, when it comes to these moments, here are 17 moments that define parenting a toddler. Moment of…


Typical Day Of A Stay-At-Home Mom

It’s 6 am and the alarm goes off. No, not the alarm on the nightstand. I am talking the alarm on my bed- my little baby. And he starts his duty. He rolls over, plays with my hair and showers me with kisses and saliva. Though I try to snooze for 5…


The Last Time

 A must read poem for parents… From the moment you hold your baby in your arms, You will never be the same. You might long for the person you were before, When you had freedom and time, And nothing in particular to worry about. You will know tiredness like you…

confessions of a one year old baby

Confessions of a one year old

      I love milk. There is nothing yummier than mom’s milk. If I feel like I want it, I will ask for it, rather, I will scream for it. Even pull down the house till I have it. I hate the crib. I love to snuggle near my mom. If…

baby sleep

Thoughts of a Baby When Put to Sleep

So, my mom and dad thinks it’s my bed time. It’s true I am a baby. But, hello… I would like to start making decisions about myself, after all I have started walking from yesterday, so I demand a little autonomy over myself.

Baby's Development by the Week During Pregnancy

9 Tips to Deal With Unplanned Pregnancy

You never expected me? Really? Not even after you banged him without any protection? Mom, you need to be a bit more careful.. You know how dad is… Ok.. Anyway, as you are here, let me help you out.. After all, you are my mom.. And mind you, I am…